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Bryan Snow

Editor-in-Cheap of SnowTechStuff. Currently studying at Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Manila as a Computer Science student.

Loves to mingle and write about tech, tho when he’s not working, he’s watching K-Dramas, or videos on YouTube. And he’s always on a budget.

Home » ordered to pay ABS-CBN over PhP92M / $1,81M for damages over piracy issue
ABS-CBN won the case by 'Default Judgement'

UPDATE ON 02:23, 2017.09.07 – Added ABS-CBN blocking notice upon visiting

If you’re into binge-watching K-Dramas and Animes, chances are you’ve probably heard of this website.

We’ve reported months ago (February to be exact) about ABS-CBN filing a case against multiple online web sites that streams their content without permission, including

READ: ABS-CBN files over $8M lawsuit vs and some websites for piracy

This week, a federal court in Florida (where the said case has been filed by ABS-CBN) have signed a ‘default judgment’ against KissAsian in favor of ABS-CBN. Since the defendant didn’t participate it was a too easy win for the complainant.

According to ABS-CBN, was using its trademarks and copyrighted content to draw visitors and generate profit, damaging their trademarks, infringing copyrights and intellectual properties.

If you tried to access those higlighted sites above, you’ll be greeted with this notice:

You can read the full copy of the complaint here: LINK

Due to (defendant) not participating, and as per ABS-CBN’s request, the court of Florida ordered to hand over the domain name to ABS-CBN (which didn’t happen so far) and to pay the media conglomerate a total of $1,000,000 for damages in trademark, as well as another $810,000 for copyright infringement — a total of $1.8M or approximately PhP92M.

And now, you’ll be greeted with this notice when you visit the said website:

Notice as of September 9th

But there’s no stopping for these pirates

Though ABS-CBN won the court case, it appears that recovering the damages might be hard because operators remain unknown. Also, it doesn’t appear that the site is going to cease any of its illegal activities anytime soon, just by seeing their Facebook posts, and activities on-site.

Determined that their main domain was at risk, the website was simply relocated to a new domain name;,

KissAsian’s page post (image via source)

Dear KissAsianers!
“We are transferring domain, new domain is, and kissasian beta mirror is not working temporarily, it will be done in next 5-10mins. Sorry for the inconvenience!” a statement on Facebook reads.


We’ll update you if this goes by as expected. | via TorrentFreak


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