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Home » The new Nokia 3310 with 3G capabilities now available in the Philippines
If you like the resurrected 3310 but not its stuck-to-2G connectivity - then here's the solution

Shorter battery life translates to much faster data connectivity.

HMD Global finally releases its revived version of the Nokia 3310 with 3G connectivity which was previously announced in Europe on the Philippines for PhP2,790 – versus the 2G EDGE-only connectivity on the first model.

We’re glad that this problem was addressed – and instead, they released a 3G variant because who the heck uses EDGE networks nowadays? It’s just frustrating to connect to one. It’s slow, and is only good for sending text messages after all.

There’s no change in specification for both models aside from the connectivity capabilities. It’s still the one with a 2.4-inch display, 16GB of expandable storage and 2-megapixel rear camera built-in.

Also, there are four colors available to choose from: Yellow, Warm Red, Charcoal, Azure (light blue).


Source: HMD Global


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